Lady Saw Returns To Dancehall: 7 Takeaways From Minister Marion Hall’s Latest Sermon

Original source: Claudia Gardner | DANCEHALLMAG | February 7, 2022

The showdown between Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, and Spice continued on Sunday after Hall again lashed the Reggae Grammy nominee, who had responded to her now-infamous January Sunday sermon.

Yesterday, Hall set aside her pulpit while declaring, “God forgive me, I am going to move the pulpit because I just can’t hold this no more… I gotta do this. It’s not mixup. I had to talk.” The Minister took aim at the current Queen of the Dancehall and the other female artists, who had castigated her for what they described as her haughty, high-handed behavior over the last few weeks.

Minister Marion Hall

Here are some takeaways from Hall’s latest Dancehall sermon.

Early out, Hall said that she would be dragging an unnamed woman to court for circulating a video claiming that Lady Saw was responsible for the death of Dancehall artist J Capri.

“Things are being said about me – I kill people and I obeah people and kill people; I obeah people and all that so some people gonna be in court for it; bless God…The lady that said I killed J Capri, my lawyer is gonna sue you.  She lining up everything, so look out for that just so you know,” Hall said.

Capri perished in a motor vehicle accident in 2015.

2. Hall says she refused to collaborate with Spice for the VP Records 10 album.

Marion, who avoided calling Spice by her Dancehall moniker and instead opted for the “Blue Hair Smurf,” claimed that at the root of the Needle Eye artist’s new bout of acrimony towards her, was the fact that she had sent VP Records officials to ask her to do a collab for her album and she refused.

“Months ago, she sent her people in VP to ask me to do a song for her album… But because I turned down the other lady, she angry and mad… So because I turned her down and didn’t do the song, oh Jesus, she go and dig up some witches and warlots…,” she declared.

Spice’s 10 album was released on August 6, 2021, and was later nominated for Best Reggae Album at the upcoming 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

3. According to Hall, Spice Sabotaged A Lady Saw Collab With Missy Elliott.

Hall also accused her nemesis of sabotaging the release of a song which she had recorded with American rapper Missy Elliot, by “carrying news” to her booking agent who was arranging the collab between herself and Missy.

“If I ever tell you the truth… a lot of things were said about songs with Missy Elliot I heard.  Missy and I were friends.  Missy love me; I love Missy.  I went to do a song with Missy and leave that lady at my house… They blocked the song that Missy did with me and she went and did a song with Missy instead,” Hall claimed.

Spice (Left) & Missy Elliot

According to her, when Missy later called to find out about her song, she was shocked to hear that it was not released.

Spice and Missy collaborated on a song together back in 2011 titled Fun.

4. How the relationship with Spice went bad, according to Hall.

The Minister repudiated claims made by Spice that she had first shown “bad-mind” towards her at a stage show put on by Bounty Killer, pointing that Spice had been mistaken.

“When I first met this woman, Bounty had a show and Bounty said call Spice, but I did not.  I didn’t know that there was any girl by the name of Spice.  I thought it was another Spice (with whom supposedly she had a rift) and I said no food naw cook here,” she said, adding that Spice thought the barb was aimed at her and “always cut her eyes” at her.

Hall—in declaring that as Lady Saw she was only aggressive onstage, but demure offstage—said that she began to lose respect for her rival after she, among other things, mistreated her fiancé Nicholas Lall; “chat” Macka Diamond on a plane all the way from Jamaica to England; sent people to go “bad up” a selector to play Lady Saw tracks; and had them thrown out of a hotel in England due to her boisterous behavior.

5. Hall warns Shenseea not to clash with Spice.

Hall had brief advice for Blessed singer Shenseea, who she warned not to feud with Spice.

“What I wanted to say to the lady Shenseea, is to not follow up with you (Spice); because [when you] go toe to toe with you, because you are not going to stop until you bring her down to come out of Dancehall,” she said.


While Spice and Shenseea have not publicly clashed, fans had speculated that Spice’s Different Category song, released on January 13, was a counteraction to Shenseea’s January 2 track, Dolly.  The two women had also unfollowed each other on Instagram after a minor online squabble in early 2021.

Last month, Shenseea declared that she’s not “warring” with any artists.

6. “This woman Lady Ann – one-hit wonder”

Lady Ann, who had done an Instagram Live session, accusing Lady Saw of a slew of abominations, was not spared.

“This woman Lady Ann – one-hit wonder.  I see you around.  I saw you at one a dem big show. And as soon as ‘Blue hair Smurf’ si yuh, you an har inna one dutty war.   Dutty war.  And I had to pull her and draw her up there for the war to stop.  But because you hate me so much because when I stepped on the field in Dancehall everything changed, you hate…,” she said.

Lady Ann is known for her song Informer (1983).

7. Why Hall is returning to Dancehall

According to the Minister, she was on a mission to save her female colleagues in Dancehall irrespective of whatever “fight” she got.

“People of God, the lord said is reaping season and I will guh down dere and reap dem. I will reap dem out of every corner, everywhere in Dancehall; if I have to come there and go and do the work, lay hands everything, that’s where I’m going. And if it cause you to come up against mi, it does not matter.  I will reap for the Kingdom of God,” she said.

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