LaaLee’s ‘Tip Inna It’ goes viral

The track is growing in popularity on TikTok and has gone viral on the platform in recent weeks. Persons from across the globe have been submitting videos doing the popular ‘dirt bounce’ dance to the song which has now amassed more than 3.5 million views on YouTube. LaaLee told THE WEEKEND STAR that when he first wrote and recorded the track, he had no idea it would be this successful.

“Mi just wah shout out loud and show people how overwhelmed I am as a likkle ghetto youth. Fi have a song weh deh all over the world, in some top places weh you wouldn’t expect, it motivates me as a yute from the inner city,” he said. “This song was done because I was making fun of one of my friends and we just did a vibe. Mi never a expect this level of success but mi happy.”

LaaLee, who is known for doing songs that many have dubbed as ‘gimmick’ tracks, said Tip Inna It‘s success has taught people never to devalue anyone’s craft or underestimate any artiste and what they bring to the table.

“Fun music or weh dem call ‘gimmicks music’ is needed in this industry and a dat me show people,” he said. “Never underestimate weh a song can do. Never ever do that. Mi know people underestimate me a lot and is like mi have a point to prove to people weh look down pan me as an artiste say mi have it and a just dat me a focus pan.”

LaaLee shared that he believes the song has what it takes to get him international attention. “Dis song, it bigger than even me because people weh know the song nuh even know the name LaaLee but mi been ready for the places it can take me,” he said. “I am mentally and physically prepared to go international. I am still the same ghetto yute weh wah see the world.”

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