4WD by Scantana & Dale Virgo is Available Everywhere!

4WD consisting of 8 tracks, full of vibes and energy is OUT NOW “Anuh Ntg Normal! “

4 WORK DAYS (4WD) is a project/ep constructed in only 4 working days hence the title. The project has an array of styles, catchy flows and undeniably some of the best lyrics today’s music has to offer. Matched with the grit and melodic sounds of Dale Dizzle Virgo’s production brilliance, SCANTANA shows diversity and versatility with a mix of hip-hop and dancehall songs to compile one body of work. Thus the EP is slated to create a benchmark in the music business’ void.

4WD is now available on all digital music streaming platforms. You can listen to the track below with the attached smartlink, on your preferred platform. Turn up your volume and whole a vibbbeee…

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