DZL Records Spreads Inspiration for The Christmas Season With “Christmas Celebration” Single

Without a doubt Christmas is a time of happiness, togetherness and celebrating one’s richest blessings with the ones you love. Vocalist & musician Jahnoi, formally known as Minister Godartiste recently collaborated with DZL Records, and created “Christmas Celebration” – a piece of joy, hope, celebration and love; to touch the hearts of all whose ears it grazes.

Born in the cool hills of Mavis Bank St. Andrew Jamaica, Jahnoi is one who has been hand-picked by God for ministry. He has had a passion for music from a tender age, hence he was always associated in one way or another with the Art. His first major exposure came in 2008 when he played a key role in his alma mater, Mona High School’s 3rd Place finish, in the 2008 edition of TVJ’s All Together Sing High School competition in Jamaica.

Growing as a youth in Church, he struggled to walk on the straight and narrow as he had other influences around him. However, he never doubted the fact that each person had a specific purpose in this life and so, he sought for his.

He began his musical journey professionally after launching an EP on October 2nd 2015 which is now ministering to souls across Jamaica and the world. Since then, he has been nominated in the Gospel Xplosion Music Media Awards ( GXMMA) in the UK, International male artiste of the year 2016 alongside gospel icons such as Donnie McClurkin, Travis Greene, and Jermaine Edwards. 

“Christmas Celebration” is a modern mento song produced by Dale Dizzle Virgo. Modern mento is the music that predated Ska, Reggae and Dancehall and is one of the early forms of indigenous Jamaican music. Mento is popularly recognised by Jamaicans as folk music and is regularly played for tourists in hotels around Jamaica. Popular examples of mento music include: 1. Three Blind Mice, played in the intro scene of the iconic James Bond film “Dr. No”, and 2. “Day O”, the hit song by Harry Belafonte.

Jahnoi puts emphasis on his aim for “Christmas Celebration”, of being a source of inspiration, for persons to understand the true meaning of Christmas and bring persons back to the space of appreciating the gift of love and hope from Christ. He also wants to use this new song to show the youths especially, that it is possible to serve Christ and enjoy one’s youthfulness whilst doing so.

Jahnoi and Dale Dizzle Virgo who are both lovers of the festive season, are assured that “Christmas Celebration” will put smiles on faces, bring about inspiration, laughter & joy to souls with its rich, “flavourful” and mellow lyrics. 

Christmas Celebration was released on the 17th of December  2021, on all digital music streaming platforms; through Virgo’s DZL Records, while content supporting the project was handled by DubCorner, a Media Production Agency.

 DZL Records is a Kingston based Record Label that came into prominence in the 2010s and was founded by Dale Virgo. The label is home to releases by Kim Nain, Devin Di Dakta, and Ce’cile to name a few. Notable hits from the label include, “Mama” by Christopher Martin, “Goodie Goodie” by Scantana, “Soldier Love” by Ikaya, and “Somewhere” by Chronixx.

 To stay up to date with DZL Records and future releases, visit, and follow the label on Twitter and Facebook at @DZLRecords, and on Instagram at @DZLRecords876. To stay up to date with Dale Virgo, follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @DaleVirgo. 

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