DJ Nicholas raising the volume with new album

Gospel artiste DJ Nicholas is getting ready to release his fifth studio album, Abnormal Decibels.

According to the entertainer, the project set to drop on July 10 is in keeping with the theme of his other four projects, indicating that his unique ear for music and sounds again played a big part in the making of the compilation.

“I try to stay consistent with the themes of my albums. So the first project was called On the Shout, the second was Louder Than Ever, the third was School of Volume and the fourth one was Audiologist. The theme of sound is consistent throughout because my projects do not sound like everything else,” he explained.

“For this album, I wanted to showcase that difference and so the ‘abnormal’ name from the first track, Not Normal, whose inspiration was the Abnormal riddim. It’s not a beat that you are accustomed to hearing in gospel, because it’s a mixture of dancehall and hip hop. So my approach is abnormal because it is not the traditional revival, worship sound.”

He added: “While the majority of the world is singing about bling and girls and guns, I am deejaying about the Kingdom, so my message is abnormal compared to what the world is saying.”

DJ Nicholas said the album, which is produced by his label On The Shout Inc, and Da Journey Production, offers a track listing complete with a full Bible study.

“Some don’t understand my ministry and may never will, but what I have done to help this time around is put a reference scripture beside every track so they have an idea exactly what the message of the song is,” he shared. “So for example, I have a song called Earth Lord on the album and some may ask, ‘what is Earth Lord and what does that mean?’ And so I gave them the exact scripture from Psalms that explains that God is the Lord of the Earth and Heaven and the sea. So when you finish listening to this album, you get a whole Bible study.”

He said that save and except for ministering to souls, he has no expectations for the project.

“The purpose of me doing an album or music, in general … is to use the creativity and talent that God gave me to the best of my ability to bring across the message of God to mankind. So whether or not there is a pandemic, whether or not the album is selling or shows are keeping, I will be doing music once I am able to,” he said.

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