Devin Di Dakta Apologizes In Advance For Intention To Breach Disaster Risk Management Act

According to Claudia Gardner – Dancehall Mag, Devin Di Dakta apologizes in advance for intention to breach DRMA with “way less people than mocha fest”.

In what appears to be a tongue-in-cheek comment, Dancehall artist Devin di Dakta has provided Prime Minister Andrew Holness with a “pre-transgression” apology in which he indicated that he will be breaching Jamaica’s Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).


According to the Grammy-nominated artist, he hopes to be accorded the same kid-glove treatment given to the promoters of the recent illegally-staged Mocha Fest in Negril’s West End, and the operators of Ricks Café where the event was held.

Mocha Fest came to national attention last week when videos surfaced of a leg of the seven-day party series with scores of tourists in attendance at Ricks Café, and that it was being promoted as a Jamaica Tourist Board-endorsed event.

Ironically, images of Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, captured from their VERZUZ battle, were also used by Mocha Fest’s organizers on Instagram, to promote the seven-day event.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, who were recently fined $150,000 for breaching the DRMA, were the two most vocal artists pinpointing the State’s hypocritical behavior following Mocha Fest, with Bounty heaping direct pressure on the Prime Minister.


Responding to a post on the Star’s Instagram page on June 2nd, which outlined the new curfew hours spanning June 3rd to July 1st, announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in the Lower House of Parliament on June 2nd, Devin also tagged the Prime Minister and the police force.

“@andrewholnessjm @jamaicaconstabularyforce I will be shooting a music video for me @gageyounglegend new song. About 100 of us will be there, waayy less than mocha fest so I’m sure that’s not a problem but just to be safe, I’m apologizing from now sir. I won’t let it happen again. Thanks for your understanding,” the Eye for an Eye artiste wrote.


Holness had announced in his latest update that he is looking at a plan for the limited reopening of the entertainment sector this summer, and that a decision is to go before Parliament within another two weeks.

The Prime Minister had said the current ban on events such as parties, concerts and round robins will continue until June 30th, but that his administration was cognizant of the impact the lockdown has had on the entertainment industry and the large number of persons who depend on it for their livelihoods. Holness had also said that beach parties and activities such as football and volleyball are banned.

He added that discussions were also being held with stakeholders in the industry to agree on appropriate protocols which could facilitate reopening.

“On Saturday I had a very useful meeting with some representatives of the entertainment sector. We intend to have a series of such meetings in the coming week up to next week and that will include cinema operators, party promoters, selectors all the stakeholders. Because the last time they put protocols the suggested protocols ODPEM worked with them; Ministry of Local Government worked with them; Minister of Entertainment to come up with a plan but it wasn’t always followed strictly. “

“This time we are going to go through another process of meeting with the stakeholders; I am certain that they have a better understanding of what to do and so I would say in another two weeks we should be able to come to Parliament with a plan as to how we are going to reopen the entertainment sector,” Holness added.


Mocha Fest has since become the hallmark for determining whether or not the Jamaican government is setting double-standards for entertainment events, after last week’s imbroglio.

The event was not only promoted for weeks on the organizers Instagram page but was also listed on the JTB’s website, before being removed after public uproar.


A throng of Dancehall fans who saw Devin’s comments posted laughing emoticons and cheered him on.

“@devindidakta ask fi forgiveness not permission,” badbwoydrew urged, while honeygirljessi added: “@devindidakta 😂way less than mocha fest yes”.


While other readers seemingly did not get the apparent sarcasm.

“@devindidakta smh nice way of pretending you care while promoting what you’re on…. ” reeltalkz wrote, getting support from geminiabi_june13 who added: “@reeltalkz ikr! Them sick stomach! Everybody acting like just because mocha fest keep all of a sudden we are all entitled to break rules n use mocha fest to justify kmt; sure he had his plans before.”


Last week when video clips surfaced of the tourists and entertainment coordinators gallivanting at Rick’s Café, Bounty Killer had upbraided the government for being duplicitous.


“@andrewholnessjm Unuh charged the pastor lady and also @kingbeenieman who is a true ambassador for country and its culture, we had problem with that but let’s see what’s gonna happen to Rick’s Cafe now if is a triple standard thing a gwaan?” he said.

“Unuh even launched big investigation pon we Olympian Hero @usainbolt for a little small party gatherings comparing to this one week’s event that was held, POOR PPL FED UP all little movie star Trevor also had to pay big fine unuh friends needs to pay to unuh too wicked to jah ppl bout ya,” Bounty added.


Beenie Man had also complained that some people seem to be above the law when it comes on to events, and that tourists were allowed to run wild, “while Dancehall continues to suffocate at the government’s hands”.

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