SCANTANA – Subjects (Dunce Cheque Remix)

Scantana does a counterction of Dunce Cheque by Valiant and released visuals for his Dunce Cheque Remix, in the aftermath of Valiant being criticized by Information Minister Robert Morgan’s expression of concern about the lyrical content of the track. Scantana seek to put his spin on the song. Scantana described it as “It just a fun academic twist to the original. The idea spawned out of a joke.” Take a listen and leave a comment.

Shot/Edit – @LatyKim


Book book book
Book book book
Nerd gang inna accounts
A get di class upset
Prefect a dwee dunce check
Front a eh class
Eh teachaz pet
Thick glass gyal
She gone fi 12 subject
She naah fi study hard
A bare 100
And eh report card mek she get scholarship
Semester not even done yet
Semester not even done yet
Comm task maths class bio then arts
Haha science mi ago pass
12 cxc weh mi
Get 6 cape now mi bachelor’s ready

Whole heap a distinction plus merit
Mek mi start uwi with bout 4 credit
Man a superman with glasses
Clark’s Kent Inna classes
Yuh waan know supm come ask mi
Gyal a scream Scantana
Some seh d Man With d most grammar
Valedictorian a di order
Man a graduate magna cum laude
Big up valiant fi da one yah

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