Ras-I, The Kingman releases, If You Don’t Mind song + Visuals

Immanuel ‘Ras-I’ Kerr is a reggae singer, his 2020 single ‘Kingman Ting’ earned him the title of “Kingman”. He released his new single ‘if you dont mind’ from his upcoming EP Kingman which will be released today. Earlier this year, he released the ‘lock it down’ track in promotion for the upcoming EP during the extensive quarantine. Ras-I’s uniqueness lies in his ability to blend different genres while still maintaining the message of consciousness and love in his songs. 

The ‘if you don’t mind’ single and music video was released on November 25th. This track introduces his audience to a new, more intimate side of him. Produced by Ras-I music and Koastal Kings, the intimacy of the song is depicted in the visuals. The video focuses on a partner and the built sexual tension between them, sharing a romantic experience and spending quality time together. Ras-I deliberately takes his time with her, until the moment comes to a peak, only to leave listeners wanting more. ‘If you don’t mind’ is a feel good song, providing listeners with lyrical, sonic and visual quality. The song blends afrobeats and dancehall grooves, adding a refreshing twist to traditional reggae, as is the artists’ style. This prolific artist remains focused on creating a timeless catalogue of songs, one that he hopes will improve the legacy of Reggae legends before him. 

(C)(P) Ras-I Musique/ Koastal Kings

Reggae #Dancehall #afrodancehall

Artist: @Ras-I Musique
Produced By: @Ras-I Musique x Koastal Kings @thekoastalkings_
Powered By: Niche Entertainment Group Ltd. @nicheentgroup
Mixed & Mastered: DubCorner @dubcornerja
Shot & Edited By: ALT @createwithalt
Talent: Kalyra @iamkalyra
Artwork: Renee Mahrun @iren.siren
Lighting: Nadia Roxburgh @techdivaja
Styling: Tribe Nine Studios @tribeninestudios
BTS By: DownDiRoad @downdiroadja

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