Nicki Minaj described as Skeng as “..the future!”. Beast Of The Era

Following the recent #4 Billboard hit, ‘Likkle Miss remix’ with Nicki Minaj, and the genre-defining follow-up ‘The Fine Nine Remix’, it’s fair to say that no artist has dominated dancehall in 2022 like Skeng.

‘Beast Of The Era’ is the first body of work from Skeng, who in a recent interview, Nicki Minaj described as “..the future!”. Beast Of The Era is not just the title of his highly anticipated EP, but rather, a statement from Jamaica’s hottest lyricist. When asked, why release this EP now? Skeng simply says: “Dancehall needs it.”

The 6-track EP, executively produced by Skeng himself, and released on his newly-formed label, RG Music (Ratty Gang Music), sees the 21-year-old artist working alongside a new wave of dancehall producers and some established giants. “Working with the mandem (at) my age is important for the sound and vibe I want. We ago grow and set tings differently in dancehall.”

Responsible for the majority of Skeng’s releases to date, his longtime collaborators, Di Truth Records are behind the boards of the lead track, the dark but captivating ‘Demons Awake’.

Rich Immigrant CEO, Rvssian, produced ‘It’s True’, a catchy track which features one of dancehall’s brightest stars, Shenseea, on the hook. Along with ‘Thug Life’, both tracks showcase Skeng’s unique, gritty textured vocals.

‘Highway’ and ‘New Era’, produced by another longtime collaborator, John Coop, highlight the challenges and triumph in trap dancehall through the eyes of Skeng.

On Eeddiattt’ feat. Jigstathe two artists go back and forth lyrically in a witty ode to contemporary dancehall and Jamaican culture. Built around an old school reggae guitar chop, the track is a collaboration with the prolific Droptop Records and co-produced by dancehall champion producer, Emelio Lynch and Kevon Shaw. Droptop, Emelio Lynch and Bas Beats are also the team behind the soundscape for the “Likkle Miss” production.

Skeng’s final words on the EP are “respect to the fadda dem in the business same way cause dem set it and win already, that’s how we know seh we can win too.”


Cover Artwork By Graphic Therapy and Photography by William Richards

SKENGBEAST OF THE ERA – November 4th, 2022

1. Demons Awake – produced by Ditruth

2. New Era – produced by John Coop

3. It’s True X Shenseea – produced by Rvssian

4. Highway – produced by John Coop

5. Eediattt ‘Idiot’ Jigsta -produced by Droptop Records

6. Thug Life – produced by Rvssian

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Release Date: November 4th, 2022 on RG Music/Geejam Recordings

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Business inquiries: Rodney Borde-Kuofie:

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