Chronixx Keeps Dancehall ‘Safe N Sound’ In New Video

According to Dancehall Mag, Chronixx has put out a new single and video, Safe N Sound, the Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall luminary’s first release of 2021.

Safe N Sound is a Dancehall track that calls for “evolution time”, according to a release from the artist. “Ah wise ghetto yute start wise up now, ah rise ghetto yute start rise up now,” he roars in the opening verse of the single, before launching into a series of scorching lyrical theories and observations in the Soul Circle Music track, co-produced by Chronixx and Romain “Teflonzincfence” Arnett.


The brand new single is accompanied by an uneventful and minimalist, yet profoundly effectual, video that features less than a handful of visible extras in focus, including the artist himself among the tally. Co-directors Dark X and SAMO managed to made use of creative visual styling that incorporates shot framing and lighting compositions to capture and sustain intrigue from action to cut.

The visuals are memorable; a combination of smoke, discarded trash and deliberately situated roadblocking props paired with general motionlessness paints a desired post-apocalyptic isolation.


Meanwhile, Chronixx calls for “more love flowing in the streets, children ah smile anna skin dem teet. More love flowing in the town, whole community ‘safe n sound’.”

With this new single, the deejay easily retains his space among the ranks of proficient and prolific Jamaican lyricists.

“Lawd have mercy, all of a sudden everybody a gunman. State of emergency anna bag a tension. Politician doa have no development plan, das why every community need a one don,” the oft introspective deejay presents a series of provoking thoughts and observations.

Safe N Sound the single and, by extension, its pandemic protocol-adhering video reminds fans of Chronixx’s perpetual and conspicuous database of mesmeric linguistic talent.


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