YouTube – Claiming & Merging Artist Topic Channels with your own/official Channel

Claim your topic channels on YouTube to increase your followers!

Written by Jason Wohlstadter


After the launch of YouTube Music, many artists began to see “automatic” channels created on YouTube under their name, but not connected to their own official YouTube channel. At YouTube, these automatic channels are called “topic channels”.

This article will help you “claim” a topic channel and “merge” that channel into your own/official YouTube account.


Here’s what you need to know:


All music appearing on the topic channel will be moved/merged to your own/official YouTube page.

You won’t lose any plays on the videos being moved over.

You won’t lose any followers from the topic channel: they will be added to the followers of your own official page!


Step by Step Guide


Step 1 – Identify the topic channel(s) that you want to merge into your account. There may be more than one.


Step 2 – Make sure ALL the music on these topic channels are actually your own tracks. If a topic channel with your music contains music by other artists, then you need to write and ask them to remove the music that isn’t yours, before you proceed.


Step 3 – Once you’ve identified the topic channels and confirmed they only have your music on them, then you can ask YouTube to merge the channels for you.


Now you’re ready to write to YouTube asking for their help to merge your topic channels. To do this, send the email from your email account registered to your own YouTube page! Otherwise, YouTube cannot verify you’re the owner of the channel.

The address to write is: After writing, please wait 2-3 weeks for a reply. If you don’t get a reply, and you’re a music label or artist powered by Proton distribution, you can contact our team for help:


Dear YouTube Artist Support,


Can we get your help with a topic channel merge, please?


This is my official/own artist page:



Please merge this topic channel(s) to my page:


Thanks in advance!


Make use of this opportunity, all the best.



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