Adapting to the Ever-Evolving Music Industry: Best Practices for Artists

The music industry is constantly evolving, and as an artist, it’s important to adapt and let go of outdated beliefs or faulty priorities. Many artists believe that they need to be signed to a label to achieve success, but the truth is that labels work differently now. Instead of waiting for a label to discover them, it’s essential for artists to make a direct connection with their fans. Building a loyal fan base through social media and other platforms can help prove their market viability and increase their chances of getting signed in the future.

It’s also important for artists to let go of the belief that yesterday’s music industry would’ve worked better for them. While it may have been more expensive to record music and get tracks to listeners in the past, the affordability and ease of recording, distribution, and listening means that artists have a different kind of problem today: competing against the glut of music for limited attention.

When it comes to hiring PR, playlist, and radio promotion help, artists must be cautious and work with reputable professionals. Many predatory experts promise results that they can’t guarantee, and working with them can cost a fortune for zero results. Instead, artists should focus on building sustainable stepping stones for their music career through genuine engagement with their audience and building a strong online presence.

Finally, social media is a crucial tool for reaching audiences and building an artist’s brand. Instead of hating on social media or avoiding it altogether, artists should embrace it and use it to their advantage. Social media can serve as the new radio, press, discovery, touring, branding, fan club, and A&R all wrapped into one. By going where the people are, artists can increase their chances of gaining new fans and growing their music career.

Overall, as an artist, it’s important to let go of outdated beliefs and adapt to the constantly evolving music industry. By building a strong online presence, engaging with their audience, and taking advantage of the opportunities available today, artists can increase their chances of success and achieve their music career goals.

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