Why the World Cup in Qatar, so controversial, pt. 1 – 3

The Qatar World Cup has provoked strong and sometimes conflicting, reactions in many people.

In this series of videos, written by James Montague and illustrated by Alice Devine, Tifo explains why the World Cup in the Gulf State is so controversial.

How did Qatar get into a position to be able to host a World Cup? What is the history of Qatar? Why did the country want this tournament?

Episode 1

This episode begins in 1990 with three seemingly unconnected events: The publication of the Taylor Report, the independence of Lithuania, and the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

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Episode 2

In the 2nd episode of our Qatar World Cup Explained series – we look at Qatar’s aspirations to grow as a footballing nation, how they tried and failed with naturalisation, and how by watching others invest in the global game Qatar plan to transform their own economy.

Leaning into football legends Maradona & Pele to open their Aspire Academy, this set the pace for Qatar’s grand footballing aspirations and their eventual route to hosting the biggest football tournament in the world.

Episode 3

How did Qatar win the right to host a World Cup? What is FIFA’s role in this? In this episode, we learn of FIFA’s decades of alleged corruption, who the key individuals were in electing Qatar, and how Qatar managed to convince the world’s most influential people that this was a good idea.

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